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Pool Table DIY: Customising and Personalising Your Game Space

In the heart of many home game rooms lies the iconic pool table, an enduring symbol of leisure, camaraderie, and skill. But beyond the standard green felt and polished wooden cues, there’s a world of opportunity to make your pool table and surrounding space uniquely yours. Here's how you can customise and personalise your game space, adding a touch of flair to every shot.

Cry Wolf Slate Bed Indoor Pool Table - Gloss White

An Ode to the Felt

The felt is perhaps the most defining feature of any pool table. While the classic green is timeless, don’t be afraid to venture into more contemporary colours.

  • Bold Hues: A vibrant blue or fiery red can become a standout piece in your game room.

  • Patterned Designs: Consider geometric patterns or even custom designs that resonate with your personality. Perhaps a starry night scene for astronomy lovers or a vintage map design for travel enthusiasts.

Bespoke Pockets

The pockets can be more than just functional components.

  • Leather Luxe: Swap the standard pockets for ones made of premium leather or suede in contrasting colours.

  • Monograms: Consider having your initials embossed or stitched onto the pockets for a personal touch.

Crafting Your Cues

The cue, your primary tool in the game, should feel like an extension of yourself.

  • Woodwork Wonders: If you're handy with woodworking, you might attempt to carve your cues. This not only provides a unique grip but also a distinctive design.

  • Custom Labels: For a simpler personalisation, adhesive labels or decals can showcase your name or any design that mirrors your style.

Light It Up

The lighting above your pool table can dramatically alter the ambiance.

  • Hanging Pendants: Industrial-style metal pendants or ornate chandeliers can add character to your space.

  • LED Magic: Consider incorporating LED strips underneath the table or around its edges. This not only adds a futuristic look but also illuminates the table during those late-night games.

Rack 'em Up in Style

The cue rack, often overlooked, is another canvas for creativity.

  • Repurposed Wood: Using driftwood or reclaimed wood can add a rustic charm to your space. Fashioning a rack from these materials offers both function and aesthetic appeal.

  • Thematic Stands: Design your cue rack to mirror a theme, such as nautical anchors for beach lovers or sleek metal designs for a modern touch.

Artistic Flourishes

The wall space surrounding your pool table presents an opportunity to further personalise your game area.

  • Murals and Wallpapers: From serene landscapes to dynamic sports scenes, your walls can reflect your passions.

  • Framed Memories: Displaying photographs from memorable games or tournaments attended can add a personal touch. Even vintage posters or advertisements related to pool can enhance the room’s appeal.

Cry Wolf Slate Bed Indoor Pool Table - Black

Floor Matters

The flooring beneath your pool table can be both functional and fashionable.

  • Rugged Rugs: Consider placing a plush rug under your table. Not only does this protect the flooring, but it also reduces noise and adds warmth.

  • Personalised Tiles: If your game space has tiled flooring, intersperse custom tiles with designs, quotes, or even game scores to immortalise special moments.

Accessorise Your Space

The final touches to your personalised game space come from the accessories.

  • Themed Ball Sets: Marketplaces offer themed pool ball sets, from popular sports teams to beloved film franchises.

  • Custom Covers: When your table is not in use, a custom cover can keep it dust-free. Choose fabrics that resonate with your room's theme or go for personalised prints.

Personalised Scoreboards

While many modern pool tables come with digital score tracking, there's a distinct charm about manual scoreboards.

  • Chalk it Up: A chalkboard scoreboard, framed with reclaimed wood or ornate metal, not only serves the purpose but also brings in a vintage touch. For the more artistically inclined, sketching out designs or key game terms can add to the board's charisma.

  • Digital Delight: If you lean towards technology, create a digital scoreboard using tablets or touch screens. Personalise the background with images of your favourite pool players, or perhaps milestones of your own gaming achievements.

The Cue Tip Chronicles

The tip of the pool cue, though small, plays a pivotal role in the game.

  • Coloured Tips: Traditional cue tips are blue, but there's a rainbow of options available. Match the cue tip colour with your table felt or room's colour scheme.

  • Custom Moulds: If you're keen on exploring, use custom moulds to shape your cue tips, imprinting patterns or initials for a unique touch.

Magnetic Personality

Consider introducing magnetism to your pool game.

  • Magnetic Racks: A magnetic cue rack mounted on the wall is not just functional but also provides an illusion of cues floating in mid-air.

  • Magnetic Pockets: Installing magnets around the pockets can help retrieve balls more easily, especially if you have a habit of powerful shots. It's both a functional tweak and a conversation starter.

Soundscapes in the Game Room

The auditory experience can be as significant as the visual one.

  • Soundproofing: If you're into energetic games with friends and family, consider soundproofing the game room. It not only ensures peace for the rest of the household but also creates an immersive gaming environment. Use plush wall fabrics or stylish acoustic panels.

  • Musical Moods: Install a sound system or smart speakers. Curate playlists for different game moods - perhaps some jazz for a relaxed game evening or energetic rock for a competitive match.

Interactive Walls

Turn your walls into interactive zones that contribute to the gaming experience.

  • Projection Mapping: Using projectors, you can display scores, player stats, or even tutorials on your walls. This technology can also be used to project dynamic backgrounds, changing the room's look with every game.

  • QR Codes: Frame QR codes that link to your favourite pool tutorials, legendary matches, or even a digital menu for game-time snacks. Guests can scan and dive into the content, making the gaming session more engaging.

Furniture Finishes

The seating around your pool table is essential for those awaiting their turn or simply enjoying the game.

  • Themed Seating: From bar stools shaped like pool balls to benches upholstered with vintage pool advertisements, your furniture can be an extension of the game.

  • Storage Ottomans: Multi-functional furniture like ottomans can provide seating and store your pool accessories. Customise them with embroidered game terms or images of iconic pool scenes.

FMF Spirit Tournament Nebraska Oak Pool Table


A pool table is more than just a gaming platform; it's the centrepiece of many memorable moments with friends and family. By infusing your personality and style into every aspect of your game space, you not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also make every game a truly personal experience. So, grab your tools, ignite your creativity, and embark on a journey to craft a game space that's uniquely yours.

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