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6ft Pool Tables

When it comes to the size of your new pool table, you have a lot of choices. Some can be as large as 9ft or more. While others are a more discreet and versatile 6 or 7ft. We say versatile because most people will have trouble finding a space large enough to comfortably accommodate a 9ft table. Whereas a 6ft table will be relatively easy to find a home for. At Home Games Room, we offer a wide variety of 6ft pool tables to suit every space and budget.
Home Games Room - Pool Tables

Who Should Get a 6ft Pool Table?

If you are an aspiring pro looking to perfect your game, a 6ft pool table may not be appropriate. However, if you’re a beginner, or you’re just looking for a way to add some fun to your domestic experience, a 6ft table is often the ideal choice. It’s small enough that older kids and smaller adults can enjoy it, and it’s large enough that you and your mates can have a grand old time while knocking back a few pints on a Saturday night.

And because we have such a wide variety of 6ft pool tables to choose from, you can also buy one of our dual-purpose tables that doubles as a high-quality slate bed pool table and a large dining room table, complete with bench seating. We also offer an array of outdoor 6ft tables that really help ramp up the fun during the warm weather months.

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The Advantages of a 6ft Table

Here are just a few of the advantages of 6ft pool tables:

  • Easier to Move: A 6ft table weighs far less than an 8 or 9ft pool table.
  • More Strategic Play: A smaller surface means more creative shot-making.
  • Smaller Pockets: Smaller pockets mean you’ll really have to work on your accuracy.
  • More Forgiving Surface: A wool surface is much more forgiving.

High-Quality 6ft Pool Tables from Home Games Room

A 6ft pool table is ideal for beginners and those who just want to have some fun. Peruse our entire line of 6ft pool tables and if you have any questions write to or ring us up on 0333 303 4992.

What Our Customers Say

Home games room was brilliant from the start. I was assigned a customer service representative, Rachelle, who looked after me all the way until my table was installed. I would highly recommend this company, and my table looks fantastic.

Peter Johnson

Would highly recommend this company. The two guys that delivered and installed my table were great and in and out in about 45 minutes. The table looks good, decent price as well.

Dave Lee

Smooth ordering process. Answered all my questions on the phone before I placed my order. A great ordering experience, I would highly recommend Home Games Room.

Chris Cooksey