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American Pool Tables

In recent years American pool tables have gained a large fan base among both homeowners and those who own pubs, bars and entertainment centres. While they haven’t supplanted the English pool table in the hearts of most Brits, there are nonetheless a lot of reasons people seek out American pool tables for sale, including their size, cushioning, ball diameter and more.
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Why Choose an American Pool Table?

Here are just a few of the reasons you may prefer an American pool table for your home games room:

American Pool Table Features

Features of American Pool Tables

  • Size: While most English pool tables top out at 7 ft long, the typical American table is 8 or 9 ft, with the 9 ft table being standard for tournaments. Many people find the larger surface to be more forgiving (less chance of balls making unintentional contact) while at the same time encouraging a livelier style of play.
  • Cushioning: It is not readily apparent to most casual players but the cushions along the edge of the American table come to a definite point, (as opposed to English cushions that are more rounded). As a result, balls bounce off the cushions with more force, which again, aids in a more lively style of play.
  • Balls: If American tables used 2-inch English pool balls they would look tiny on the big surface. For that reason, American balls are 2 1/4 inches in diameter, which means they are heavier and carry better when you're trying to execute a long shot up the table.
  • Pockets: Because the balls are larger on an American table the pockets need to be larger to accommodate them. Otherwise pocketing a ball would be a frustrating experience for most amateurs. The edges of the pockets on the American table are also straighter which makes it easier to pot long shots.
  • Cloth: English tables use a wood cloth with a napped texture which tends to slow down play a bit and make the game more strategic. American tables use a nylon cloth that is very smooth and facilitates those long shots we keep talking about.

American Pool Tables for Sale at Home Games Room

If you are in search of American pool tables for sale, look no further than Home Games Room. Get in touch today by writing to or ring us up on 0333 303 4992.

What Our Customers Say

Home games room was brilliant from the start. I was assigned a customer service representative, Rachelle, who looked after me all the way until my table was installed. I would highly recommend this company, and my table looks fantastic.

Peter Johnson

Would highly recommend this company. The two guys that delivered and installed my table were great and in and out in about 45 minutes. The table looks good, decent price as well.

Dave Lee

Smooth ordering process. Answered all my questions on the phone before I placed my order. A great ordering experience, I would highly recommend Home Games Room.

Chris Cooksey