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Slate Bed Pool Tables

One of the first things you will need to decide when buying a pool table is whether you want an MDF bed or a slate bed. The quality of play you experience, especially over the long term, will depend on which type of surface you choose. Home Games Room have a wide selection of slate bed pool tables for sale from top UK manufacturers that will enable you to elevate your game.
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Why the Bed is important

The integrity of every shot you take depends on the bed being absolutely flat. If it is not you will never get a consistent ball roll. MDF bed tables are very popular and the best are capable of maintaining a smooth, flat surface. At least for a while. Over time, however, it is inevitable that the MDF bed will begin to deform, even if only a tiny bit. But when it comes to pool, a tiny bit might as well be a metre.

So why does anyone buy an MDF bed pool table? Primarily because they cost considerably less than a slate bedtable. And if you only use the pool table a few times a year when you have guests over, slight imperfections can be laughed off over a pint.

Why Slate?

Slate bed pool tables have been around since the early 19th century, when they were introduced as an alternative to wooden tables that had a tendency to warp. In the years since, slate bed pool tables have become the gold standard and are used at all levels of the professional game. A slate bed table says you understand the importance of ensuring the integrity of every shot and that you want to make the most of your pool table investment. At Home Games Room, we offer slate bed pool tables for sale that fit every home.

The search for an alternative to wood as a material for pool table surfaces eventually led to slate for a variety of reasons. First, slate being a rock meant that it would never warp, bow, or rot. Second, the nature of slate lent itself to being split into wide, level pieces that could be easily ground into a perfectly flat surface. And third, as far as stone materials go, slate was much more affordable than granite or marble. Because of its ability to retain its absolutely flat profile, many manufacturers will provide a much longer warranty on their slate pool tables, compared to their wooden bed pool tables.

The Many Advantages of Slate Pool Tables

The slate bed pool tables for sale at Home Games Room offer a variety of advantages over wooden bed tables. Those advantages include the absolute integrity of the surface, the fact that the slate pool table surface will likely outlive your house, and especially the fact that slate surfaces are almost impossible to damage during the course of normal use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Slate Bed Pool Table

The first thing you will need to consider is the price. But again, if you are serious about mastering the fine art of pool the right thing to do is choose slate and bite the financial bullet. Another thing to consider is that slate bed pool tables are considerably heavier than MDF bed tables. Slate is, after all, a type of stone. So, before you install a slate bed table in your home make sure the floor will support it.

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What Our Customers Say

Home games room was brilliant from the start. I was assigned a customer service representative, Rachelle, who looked after me all the way until my table was installed. I would highly recommend this company, and my table looks fantastic.

Peter Johnson

Would highly recommend this company. The two guys that delivered and installed my table were great and in and out in about 45 minutes. The table looks good, decent price as well.

Dave Lee

Smooth ordering process. Answered all my questions on the phone before I placed my order. A great ordering experience, I would highly recommend Home Games Room.

Chris Cooksey