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Luxury Pool Tables

A luxury pool table is the spark that brings an interior decor to life. At Home Games Room we stock a wide variety of luxury pool tables in various sizes and styles. Browse below now and read on to learn more.
Home Games Room - Pool Tables

Why Choose a Luxury Pool Table?

Here are just a few reasons to consider buying a luxury pool table:

Considerations for Buying a Pool Table
  • Beauty and Elegance: The amount of thought, time, and energy that goes into crafting a luxury pool table is apparent in every aspect of the finished product. Such a table will enhance the elegance of your decor and provide it with a sense of sophistication that is hard to achieve with any other single item. Create your ultimate high-end billiard room with a luxury pool table from Home Games Room.
  • Enhanced Playability: Luxury pool tables are not just beautiful to behold, they are also beautifully crafted. The meticulous engineering that goes into creating one of these tables ensures you will enjoy tournament-level conditions for decades to come.
  • Outstanding Durability: Speaking of decades to come… the playability of a luxury table is not the only thing that will endure for decades to come. Every aspect of the table from the feet to the cushions is fashioned from the highest quality materials and fit together with exacting precision so as to stand the test of time.
  • The “Wow” Factor: What’s the point of having nice things if you can’t show them off to family, friends, and neighbours? Luxury pool tables are the type of thing that never fails to elicit more than their fair share of “Wow”s. If your intent.
  • Home Games Room: Your Best Choice for Luxury Pool Tables

    If you are interested in luxury pool tables but don’t know which is right for you, contact Home Games Room today by writing to or ring us up on 0333 303 4992.

    What Our Customers Say

    Home games room was brilliant from the start. I was assigned a customer service representative, Rachelle, who looked after me all the way until my table was installed. I would highly recommend this company, and my table looks fantastic.

    Peter Johnson

    Would highly recommend this company. The two guys that delivered and installed my table were great and in and out in about 45 minutes. The table looks good, decent price as well.

    Dave Lee

    Smooth ordering process. Answered all my questions on the phone before I placed my order. A great ordering experience, I would highly recommend Home Games Room.

    Chris Cooksey