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Indoor Pool Tables

Shopping for inside pool tables? Home Games Room has a huge selection to choose from including sizes and styles to match any home and budget.
Home Games Room - Pool Tables

Buying an Indoor Pool Table: Things to Consider

A pool table is not a small investment, so you want to be sure to make the right choice. Here are a few things to consider before investing in an indoor pool table:

American Pool Table Features Considerations for Buying a Pool Table
  • Available Space: Pool tables come in a wide variety of sizes ranging all the way up to 9 ft and more. While that much table area might seem attractive, do you have enough room to accommodate a table of that size? What’s more the bigger the table the heavier the table so you have to be certain your floor can withstand the weight.
  • Your Budget: People looking to buy indoor pool tables are often surprised that they are available at so many price points. Ultimately, this is great news for you because it means you’ll be able to find one that dovetails with your budget. If you’re contemplating a high-end table, keep in mind that high-quality pool tables that are properly cared for will retain most of their value, and may even increase in value over time.
  • Who Will be Using the Table?: If the only people using the table will be you and others who are similarly serious about developing their skills, you’ll likely want a British table, since they promote skill development. If, however, the table will be used to entertain a variety of guests who just want to have fun you might consider an American table with its larger surface and bigger pockets.
  • Style: Inside pool tables come in various styles ranging from minimalist, contemporary tables fashioned from non-traditional materials to traditional designs crafted largely from wood. So, whatever your interior decor you can be sure there is an indoor pool table to match it.
  • Buy Indoor Pool Tables at Home Games Room

    There are a number of things to consider when shopping for inside pool tables. If you have questions about whether a specific table may be right for you, email or ring us up on 0333 303 4992.

    What Our Customers Say

    Home games room was brilliant from the start. I was assigned a customer service representative, Rachelle, who looked after me all the way until my table was installed. I would highly recommend this company, and my table looks fantastic.

    Peter Johnson

    Would highly recommend this company. The two guys that delivered and installed my table were great and in and out in about 45 minutes. The table looks good, decent price as well.

    Dave Lee

    Smooth ordering process. Answered all my questions on the phone before I placed my order. A great ordering experience, I would highly recommend Home Games Room.

    Chris Cooksey