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What Games Can be Played on a Pool Table

A pool table is a rockin' bonus for any house. There are so many other games that can be played than just your standard pool that will certainly pack a punch of fun, test your skills, and let your creativity fly!

Lets’ dive in…

8-Ball Pool and 9-Ball Pool

These two games are like the peanut butter and jelly of the pool world.

So, in a nutshell, 8-Ball Pool is like a thrilling chess match with solids and stripes.

On the flip side, 9-Ball Pool is like a rocket ship race to pocket that golden 9-ball. Both games are packed with oodles of fun, strategy, and high-fives!

One Pocket

Each player has just ONE pocket to shoot balls into. It’s like a mix of strategy and skill – the Sherlock Holmes of pool games!

The Setup

Grab 15 pool balls and rack 'em up in a triangle at one end of the table.

Each player picks one of the two corner pockets on the opposite end. That's their goal!

How to Play

Break it Up: Player one breaks the rack. You gotta make a legal break – so at least four balls must hit the rails.

Take Aim: Try to shoot the balls into your chosen pocket. But remember, your pocket ONLY! ⚠️

Play Smart

You gotta be sneaky! Play defensively to make it tough for your opponent to score.

If you shoot a ball into the wrong pocket or scratch, that's a foul. The other player can put the ball anywhere they like.

Winning the Game

The first person to pocket 8 balls in their chosen pocket is crowned the One Pocket Wizard!


It's a wild pool game with 3 players. It’s all about survival of the fittest – the last one standing wins!

Setting Up the Game

You need a standard pool table, 15 balls (numbered 1-15), and cue sticks.

Each player gets a set of balls:

Player 1: Balls 1-5

Player 2: Balls 6-10

Player 3: Balls 11-15

Rack ‘em up in a triangle. No need for any special order – just toss them in!

Playing the Game

Break Time: Player one breaks the rack. If they pocket a ball, they go again. If not, player two is up!

Aim and Shoot: On your turn, shoot ANYONE’S balls except your own into the pockets.

Stay Alive: If all your balls are pocketed, you're out!

Fouls: If you shoot one of your own balls in or scratch, your turn is over and you have to bring one of your pocketed balls back to the table.


The last player with any balls left on the table wins!

Poker Pool

It's a snazzy game that mixes the thrill of poker with the skill of pool. You use a standard pool table and a special set of poker pool balls. The goal is to make the best poker hand by pocketing balls.

Poker Pool balls are special. They’re like regular pool balls but with playing card ranks and suits on them.

You’ve got everything from Ace to King in all four suits - hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

Setting Up the Game

Grab the set of Poker Pool balls. Rack 'em up in a triangle, just like regular pool.

Decide how many rounds you want to play - usually 5 to 7.

Shuffle a deck of regular playing cards and deal 5 to each player - these are your 'hole' cards.

Playing the Game

Break Time: The first player breaks the rack.

Take Aim: On your turn, try to pocket a ball.

Building Hands: Each ball you pocket adds to your poker hand. Mix and match with your hole cards to make the best hands!

Strategy Galore: Should you go for that Straight Flush or play it safe with a Pair? Decisions, decisions!

Next Rounds: Rack and break again for the next rounds.


After all the rounds, the player with the best poker hands wins!

Something a Little Different

If you’re looking for something a little different than pool games, we’ve got that covered to.

Pool tables are great for alternative games as] they’re big, flat, and covered in smooth felt.

Why not try

Finger Soccer

Turn the pool table into a soccer field. Use a small ball, and flick it with your fingers!

Goal posts? Pool pockets, my friend!

Table Tennis Express

Slap a conversion top on the pool table. Grab paddles and a ping-pong ball, and you’ve got table tennis central!

Board Game Bonanza

Bust out Monopoly, Scrabble, or any of your favourite board games. The pool table's big surface is perfect for spreading out all the pieces.

If the usual rounds of pool start to feel a bit "been there, done that", remember - there's a whole universe of cool games waiting to be discovered!

Whether you're drawn to the fast-paced thrill of 8/9 Ball Pool, the intriguing twists of Poker Pool, or the all-inclusive party vibe of Cut-Throat, the fun factor is off the charts!

And if you're ever in the mood to swap the cue for a paddle, table tennis is just a heartbeat away. The pool table is a playground of limitless adventures.

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