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The Masse Shot: Beauty and Technique in One Move

In the realm of pool and billiards, certain shots stand out, not just for their strategic importance but for the sheer artistry they bring to the table. The masse shot, where the cue ball traces a curving path, much like an artist's brush stroke, is one such marvel. Let's journey into the world of this fascinating move, understanding its beauty and the technique that powers it.

A Glimpse into the Masse

The term 'masse' is borrowed from the French word for 'mass', pointing to the significant force applied to the ball to achieve this shot. In essence, the masse shot is executed by striking the cue ball with a sharp, almost vertical angle, causing it to spin and curve in its path, bypassing obstacles or positioning itself favorably.

Blue Circle Pool Table

The Physics of the Masse

  1. Spin Dynamics: The dramatic curve of the masse shot results from the extreme sidespin applied to the cue ball. When the cue strikes the ball off-center and with a downward force, it imparts a spinning motion.

  2. Frictional Play: The cue ball, spinning furiously, interacts with the table's cloth. This frictional interaction causes the ball to divert from a straight path and curve.

  3. Speed vs. Curve: The force of the shot dictates how sharp the curve will be. A more forceful shot can result in a tighter curve, while a gentler stroke may produce a wider arc.

Mastering the Technique

  1. The Elevated Cue: Unlike most pool shots where the cue is almost horizontal, the masse requires the butt of the cue to be raised, often to a near-vertical position. This allows the tip to strike the ball from above, generating the needed spin.

  2. Tip Positioning: The cue tip doesn't hit the ball's center. Instead, it's positioned either to the left or right of the center, depending on the desired direction of the curve.

  3. Follow-through: A smooth follow-through is crucial. Once the ball is struck, the cue should continue in its motion, ensuring that the applied force is consistent.

  4. Wrist Flexibility: The wrist plays a pivotal role, acting as a pivot. A flexible and controlled wrist movement helps impart the right amount of spin.

The Masse in Action

  1. To Bypass Obstructions: When a direct shot is blocked, a well-executed masse can curve the cue ball around the obstructing ball.

  2. For Positional Play: Sometimes, it's about preparing for the next shot. A masse can position the cue ball favorably for subsequent shots.

  3. In Trick Shots: Beyond competitive play, the masse is a favorite in trick shot competitions, showcasing the player's control and skill.

Challenges and Precautions

  1. Table Damage: An incorrectly executed masse shot, especially with excessive force, can damage the table cloth. It's essential to practice this shot cautiously.

  2. Cue Ball Jump: Sometimes, the downward force can cause the cue ball to jump before curving. While this can be intentional in a jump-masse combo, unintended jumps can disrupt the game.

  3. Consistency: Achieving a consistent curve requires practice. Variations in force, cue angle, or striking position can yield different results.

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Embracing the Art of the Masse

  1. Practice with Purpose: Begin with gentle curves, gradually increasing the angle and force as you grow more comfortable.

  2. Study the Greats: Watching professionals execute the masse provides valuable insights. Players like Efren Reyes and Mike Massey have showcased remarkable masse shots in their careers.

  3. Seek Feedback: Using recording tools or seeking feedback from seasoned players can help rectify mistakes and refine technique.

The Masse Shot: Diving Deeper into the Curve

While the masse shot has been dissected from a technical perspective, there's a world of nuance, history, and artistry behind it that's worth exploring. Let's dive deeper into the mesmerizing curve of the masse and its profound impact on the world of billiards.

Historical Intrigue of the Masse

The allure of the masse isn’t a recent phenomenon. Historical records and artworks from centuries ago depict players attempting curved shots, showcasing the move's longstanding appeal.

  1. Origin Stories: While the exact origin remains debated, early forms of the masse shot were likely developed in France, given the linguistic roots. However, it quickly spread across Europe as the game of billiards gained popularity.

  2. Art and Culture: Many artists, captivated by the dynamism of billiards, have captured the masse shot in their works. It represents a moment of tension, anticipation, and drama, all rolled into one.

Psychological Impact on the Opponent

  1. The Intimidation Factor: A well-executed masse shot can be a psychological tool. It sends a clear message about the player's skill level and can often unsettle an opponent.

  2. Showmanship and Strategy: While the masse is undoubtedly showy, it's not always about showmanship. Seasoned players often weigh the pros and cons before opting for such a shot. However, when done right, it serves both as a tactical move and a spectacle.

Fine-tuning the Masse

  1. The Cue's Role: Not all cues are equally suited for the masse shot. Cues with a harder tip, offering more precise and forceful strikes, can be more effective for the masse.

  2. Understanding Cloth Variations: Different tables have cloths with distinct textures and friction levels. Adapting to these differences is key. On a smoother cloth, for instance, the cue ball might slide a bit before the spin takes full effect, altering the curve's trajectory.

  3. Environmental Considerations: Believe it or not, factors like humidity and temperature can impact the masse. In more humid conditions, the cue ball might grip the table's cloth a tad more, affecting the curve's sharpness.

Blue Pool Table


The masse shot is more than just a technical move in pool; it’s a dance of force, spin, and geometry. It epitomizes the blend of art and skill that the game of pool represents. Whether used in high-stakes matches or just for the sheer joy of its beauty, the masse remains one of the most enthralling shots in the world of cue sports. Embracing its technique and understanding its essence can elevate a player's game, making them not just a competitor, but an artist on the green canvas.

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