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From Novice to Expert: A Guide to Games You Can Play on a Pool Table

A pool table, with its lush green surface and perfectly placed pockets, is a hub for various entertaining and challenging games. These games, with their unique rules and techniques, can cater to both beginners just starting their journey in cue sports and advanced players seeking a more complex challenge. This article will explore some of these fascinating games, segmented according to their suitability for beginners and advanced players.

A Guide to Games You Can Play on a Pool Table

Games for Beginners:


Also known simply as 'pool,' eight-ball is probably the most recognized game, making it perfect for beginners. The game is played with 15 object balls and the cue ball. One player is assigned the 'solids' (balls numbered 1-7), and the other is assigned 'stripes' (balls numbered 9-15). The players must first pocket all their designated balls before legally pocketing the eight-ball to win.


This is another popular pool game. The objective is to legally pocket the nine-ball. Balls are shot in numerical order, and the player who pockets the nine-ball by a stroke on the lowest-numbered ball on the table wins.

Cutthroat Pool

A fun game that can be played with three people. Each player claims a set of balls (1-5, 6-10, or 11-15), and the objective is to be the last player with at least one ball left on the table.

Games for Advanced Players:


This game tests strategy and skill. Each player is assigned one of the table's two bottom corners, and the first player to pocket 8 balls in their assigned pocket wins. This game requires careful planning and precision.

Straight Pool

This classic game was once the hallmark of professional pool. Players earn points by pocketing any ball on the table, but they must call the ball and the pocket for each shot. The game is usually played to 100 or 150 points. It requires great skill and strategy, making it suitable for advanced players.

Bank Pool

All shots in this game must be banked (the object ball must hit one or more rails before going into a pocket). This game is an excellent way to refine banking techniques and strategies.


Played on a larger table, snooker requires players to pot a red ball first, then a coloured ball, earning points based on the ball’s value. This game is complex and requires advanced cueing techniques and strategic play.

Three-Cushion Billiards

This game doesn't involve pocketing the balls. Instead, the player has to hit the two other balls on the table and a minimum of three cushions with the cue ball in the same shot. It's a challenging game that requires high skill levels and understanding of angles and spins.

Three-Cushion Billiards

Team Games

Playing pool games in teams can add a whole new level of excitement and competition to your pool table. Whether it's a casual gathering or a more formal tournament, there are several games that you can enjoy with teams. Here are a few popular ones:

Scotch Doubles Eight-Ball

This is a popular team variation of the standard eight-ball game. In Scotch Doubles, you form two-person teams. The team members alternate shots, regardless of whether a ball was pocketed on the last shot or not. Teamwork and strategy become crucial in this game, as you have to think about setting up shots for your partner.

Scotch Doubles Nine-Ball

This is the Scotch Doubles version of nine-ball. Like the eight-ball version, team members alternate shots. The game is faster-paced than eight-ball, and teamwork is again essential to succeed.

Team Eight-Ball

This is an extension of Scotch Doubles where you can have larger teams. In this format, each player plays one full game of eight-ball against an opponent, and then the next pair comes up to play. The team with the most individual game wins is the overall winner.

Kelly Pool (Pea Pool)

This game can be played with multiple players and can easily be adapted to team play. Numbered markers (called peas) are used, and each player (or team) draws a pea to determine which ball they need to pocket.

Cutthroat Pool

While traditionally a game for three players, cutthroat pool can also be played with teams. In a team version, teams take turns, with each player attempting to pocket their opponents' balls while keeping their own on the table.

When playing in teams, communication and strategy become crucial elements. A well-coordinated team will often beat a less organized team, even if the latter has individually stronger players. This aspect brings a whole new dimension to the games and can make playing on a pool table even more enjoyable.

Cutthroat Pool

Top Tips To Improving Game Play

Understanding the Basics

Grasping the fundamentals of the game, such as proper stance, grip, bridge, stroke, and aiming, is crucial before diving into specific pool games.

Learn the Rules

Each game on a pool table has its own unique set of rules. Ensure you understand the rules of the game you are about to play.


Practice is key to improving your pool game. The more you play, the more comfortable you'll become with different shots and strategies.


Regularly chalking your cue tip can help prevent miscues and allow you to impart the desired spin on the cue ball.

Mental Game

Pool is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Planning your shots in advance, analysing your opponent's strategy, and maintaining concentration can give you an edge in the game.

Equipment Care

Learn how to take care of your pool cue and other equipment. This includes knowing how to clean and replace the tip of your cue, how to store your cue to prevent warping, and how to clean and maintain the pool table.

Join a League or Club

Joining a local pool league or club can provide opportunities to practice, learn from more experienced players, and participate in competitions.

Watch and Learn

Watching professional pool games, either live or on TV/online, can provide valuable insights into advanced strategies and techniques.

Invest in a Quality Cue

Once you’ve developed some proficiency and passion for the game, consider investing in a quality pool cue that suits your style of play. This can significantly improve your game.

From simple games perfect for a casual weekend with friends to high-skill competitions that require advanced strategies, pool tables serve as the canvas for an incredible array of games. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, there's always a new challenge waiting for you on the green expanse of the pool table. All you need is a keen eye, a steady hand, and an enthusiastic spirit to explore and enjoy these games to the fullest.

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