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Customizing Your Pool Table: From Cloth Colors to Pocket Styles

Owning a pool table is an exciting venture, but customizing it to mirror your personal style is where the true fun lies. It's more than just a game table; it's an expression of your personality and a centerpiece in the room it occupies. This guide will help you navigate the myriad customization options available, turning your pool table from ordinary to extraordinary.

From Cloth Colors to Pocket Styles

1. The Foundation: Table Size and Design

Before diving into the smaller details, begin with the table itself.

  • Size: Standard pool tables come in 7, 8, and 9-foot sizes. Your choice depends on the space available and the kind of games you intend to play. Tournament players typically prefer a 9-foot table.

  • Design: Modern, rustic, vintage—what's your style? Perhaps you prefer intricate wooden carvings, or maybe sleek lines with metallic finishes are more your speed. Your table should resonate with the overall décor of its surroundings.

2. Cloth Colors: More than Just Green

Traditionally, pool tables sported green cloth, mimicking the outdoor lawns where cue sports originated. Today, the sky's the limit!

  • Classic Greens and Blues: For the purists who appreciate tradition.

  • Bold and Vibrant: From fiery reds to electric blues, express yourself with color.

  • Pastels and Neutrals: Soft pinks, grays, or beige can bring an unexpected elegance to your table.

Remember, while aesthetics matter, the cloth's quality is paramount. Ensure it's durable, provides consistent roll, and resists wear and tear.

3. Pockets: Catching Balls in Style

Pockets are more than functional components. They can add significant style to your table.

  • Drop Pockets: The most common type, made from leather or vinyl. These can be fringed or shielded, with the former giving a classic, ornate appearance and the latter offering a clean, modern look.

  • Ball Return System: More prevalent in commercial settings, this system sends pocketed balls to a central collection are Handy for quick games!

  • Custom Embellishments: Consider adding embroidered designs or logos to leather pockets for a touch of personal flair.

4. Legs & Framework: Standing Tall and Proud

The table's support system, while often overlooked, can dramatically impact its aesthetics.

  • Standard Legs: Clean and straightforward, these are versatile and fit most settings.

  • Clawfoot Designs: Exuding luxury and vintage charm, they’re perfect for tables with an antique vibe.

  • Custom Artwork: Painted designs or carvings can add uniqueness to the table's legs or framework.

Customizing Your Pool Table

5. Rails & Cushions: Combining Form and Function

  • Wood Type and Finish: Choose a wood that complements your table's overall design. Popular options include oak, mahogany, and walnut. Decide between matte, glossy, or satin finishes based on your preference.

  • Rail Sight Designs: These small markers help players align shots. They can be simple dots or intricate diamond shapes. Some even opt for custom symbols or logos.

6. Accessories: The Finishing Touches

Your customized table deserves equally bespoke accessories.

  • Custom Cues: From personalized decals to specific wood finishes, ensure your cues match the vibe of your table.

  • Unique Ball Sets: While traditional colors are always in style, explore sets with unique designs, colors, or patterns.

  • Bespoke Racks and Covers: Opt for racks that complement your table's design. Additionally, custom table covers can protect your investment while showcasing style.

7. Table Lighting: Setting the Mood

One of the most underrated aspects of a pool table's ambiance is the lighting.

  • Billiard Lamps: Traditional elongated lamps, often with three shades, not only illuminate the table evenly but also add a vintage charm.

  • Modern Fixtures: Consider sleek pendant lights or LED strips that can change color depending on the mood you wish to set.

  • Custom Shades: Personalize your lampshades with patterns, colors, or logos that echo the theme of your pool room.

8. Personalized Felt Artwork

Going beyond solid colors, you can infuse the table's cloth with unique designs.

  • Logos & Emblems: Whether it's a favorite sports team, a personal emblem, or a brand logo, it can be embroidered or printed onto the felt.

  • Abstract Designs: Think gradients, geometric patterns, or artistic swirls that turn your table into a piece of art.

  • Thematic Art: From celestial galaxies to underwater themes, the felt can tell a story.

9. Side Panel Artistry

The broad side panels of a pool table offer ample room for creativity.

  • Painted Murals: Whether it's a serene landscape, a city skyline, or a favorite movie scene, a hand-painted mural can be breathtaking.

  • Carvings: Wood carvings, from intricate patterns to bold symbols, can add depth and texture to your table.

  • Digital Prints: High-quality, durable decals or prints can be attached for those who want the flexibility to change designs over time.

10. Tech Integrations

In today's digital age, why should pool tables be left behind?

  • Electronic Scoreboards: Built into the table's side or suspended above, they can digitally track and display scores.

  • Touch Panels: Integrate touch panels to control room lighting, music, or even access tutorials.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Aids: Some modern setups use projection systems to display shot trajectories, enhancing the gameplay experience.

11. Customized Cue Racks and Holders

Keep your cues organized and accessible, but in style.

  • Wall-mounted Racks: Not only space-saving but can also be customized to match the table's aesthetics.

  • Floor Stands: Often made of wood or metal, these can bear carvings, logos, or color themes that resonate with the table.

12. Personal Touches

Your pool table setup should be a reflection of who you are.

  • Memory Plaques: Attach a plaque denoting special occasions or achievements related to the game.

  • Signature Pockets: Get pockets stamped or embroidered with your initials, signature, or a special date.

  • Themed Accessories: From chalks and gloves to cleaning brushes, ensure every accessory aligns with your chosen theme.

Table Size and Design


Customizing your pool table transforms it from merely a game piece to a reflection of your individuality. Whether you're playing a casual game with friends or practicing for a tournament, every shot, and every glance will remind you of the care and creativity you poured into its design. So, dive deep into the world of customization, and craft not just a table, but a masterpiece.

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