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Why a Pool Table is the Perfect Addition to a Summer House

If you love to play pool but don't have the space in your home to accommodate a table, you're not out of options if you have a summer house. In fact, the summer house may be the ideal place to put a pool table because the entire space serves as your own, personal, scaled-down pool hall, and you won't have to change the look and feel of your home in the process. Below we'll take a look at the benefits of creating a summer house with a pool table.

The Benefits of Having a Pool Table in Your Summer House

The benefits of turning your summer house/garden cabin into your own personal pool hall are many and


  • You create a brand new space where your family can relax and spend time together.

  • A summer house with a pool table will make your parties a lot more fun.

  • You can have your mates over for some pool and a couple of pints without interfering with what's going on in the main house.

  • You'll be able to perfect your game in privacy without disrupting other people’s routines.

The Right Pool Table at the Right Price

At Home Games Room we offer dozens of pool tables of all sizes and styles at competitive prices


  • American pool tables: The biggest difference between an American and a British pool table is the overall size with American tables measuring slightly larger. If you have the space, it can be the ideal choice for a summer house with a pool table.

  • British pool tables: British pool tables are slightly smaller than their American cousins with slightly smaller balls and pockets. If you want a full-size table but don't have enough space for an American table, a British table is an excellent choice.

  • Competition pool tables: If you are a serious pool aficionado, consider a competition pool table. One of these tables will allow you to refine your skills and ensure you never show up at a competition unprepared.

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