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Inspirational Ideas for Game Room Walls Decoration

In order to infuse your home game room with real character you have to bring the walls into the fold. If you shell out money on a pool table, shuffleboard table, home bar and other amenities and leave the walls blank, the room will feel lifeless. By including the walls in the design you will tie everything together and reinforce whatever theme you're trying to establish. In this guide, we provide some of our best ideas for game room walls.

Our Favourite Ideas for Game Room Walls

The walls in a home game room don't have to be a problem, they can be an opportunity. An opportunity to tie all the other elements together and give your home arcade real personality. Here are some of our favourite ideas for game room walls:

Hang framed sports jerseys

If you have a football jersey your favourite player signed for you years ago, now's the time to get it framed and hang it on your game room wall. Even if you don't have signed jerseys, any type of sporting paraphernalia will help reinforce the game room aesthetic.

Add a flat-screen TV

Hanging a big flat-screen TV on one of your walls will enable you to follow the big match while you're playing pool with your friends or enjoying a pint at the home bar.

Add some neon lights

Neon lights help set your game room atmosphere apart from the rest of the house. We have a wide array of attractive, easy to-mount neon lights to choose from that will wow your guests and demonstrate your good taste.

Hang some framed photos

A home arcade should have a sporting feel to it, so it's always a good idea to hang some framed photos depicting big moments in sporting history, like England hoisting the World Cup trophy in 1966.

Home Games Room Have Everything You Need for Your Home Arcade

At Home Games Room, we have everything you need to create the ideal home entertainment centre including world-class pool tables, neon lights, multi-purpose game tables and more. To learn more, call us on 0333 303 4992, or write to

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