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Ideas for Transforming Your Conservatory into a Games Room

You may have bought or inherited a home with a conservatory already built-in. But while the former owners may have found the lure of the conservatory irresistible you find that you can take it or leave it. So what to do? Well, if you're a fan of pool, here are some conservatory games room ideas.

Transforming Your Conservatory into a Games Room: It's Not as Hard as You Think

If you're just not the conservatory type, consider transforming it into a games room the whole family can enjoy. In many ways, a conservatory is the ideal space for such a transformation because it's open and airy, you don't have to make a lot of physical alterations to the space and you don't need planning permission.

Once you've decided to make the change you'll want to make sure the resulting games room is something you can be proud of, so here are a few tips that will ensure it lives up to your expectations.

  • Make a pool table the focal point of the room: Pick up a pool table from Home Games Room and place it squarely in the centre of the space. This will create a focal point around which the rest of the room will revolve.

  • Upgrade the lighting: Most conservatories have very few lights because they're all about taking advantage of natural light. So you're free to indulge your imagination and come up with a lighting scheme that is both functional and fun.

  • Leave room between the features: One of the most important conservatory games room ideas is to leave enough room so that nothing is in the way of play on the pool table and so that people aren't tripping over each other trying to get around the room.

Pick up the ideal Pool Table from Home Games Room

We have a vast selection of pool tables that ensures you'll find one that is the perfect complement to your new conservatory games room. That includes British tables, American tables, competition tables and more at prices that won't break your bank. For more information call Home Games Room on 0333 303 4992, or email

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