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Fun Decorating Ideas for Your Home Arcade

Having a game room or arcade in your house is a great way to keep the kids close to home and ramp up the fun when you have guests over. Having a well-appointed home arcade will change the way you experience your house and ensure you're never at a loss for something to do on those dreary winter evenings. In this brief guide, the team at Home Games Room provide some home arcade decorating ideas that will help you create an entertainment room that'll be the talk of the town.

6 Home Arcade Decorating Ideas

We're going to assume you have a good sized space to work with. If your space is more cramped just leave out whatever seems like it would be the least popular item. That said, let's get started.

1: Add a home bar

Adding a home bar to your entertainment space will make it feel like a world-class arcade and will ensure partygoers don't have to keep leaving the room to get a drink.

2: Add a multi-games table

This is one of our favourite home arcade decorating ideas as it allows you to maximise your space while at the same time making several more activities available to family and friends.

3: Add shuffleboard along one wall

This is one of those home arcade decorating ideas that just makes too much sense. Add a shuffleboard table along the wall and make optimal use of the space while providing yet another activity.

4: Add a jukebox

A jukebox from Home Games Room is the perfect addition to a home arcade and will give it a retro feel your guests will love.

5: Add some neon lights

A classic jukebox and neon lights! What could be better? By this point your home arcade is really shaping up, all you need now is a pool table to anchor the center.

6: Get a pool table from Home Games Room

We have a vast selection of pool tables including British tables, American tables, competition tables and more at very competitive prices. To learn more call Home Games Room on 0333 303 4992, or email

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